Silver Package:

Silver is a kind of bluesmart which does not need to any computer to work.

It has an internal memory for storage information and also it has a powerful processor.

It is portable and all information can be move to memory via LAN and USB Flash.

A software has been installed inside the system for performance management of the system and there is no need to install an extra software.

It’s easy to work.

Just put the system on the convenient location and plug in the socket and put the power button on.

This device can send any kind of file in radius of 350 meter in outdoor.

Specification of Silver :

-       Stand-alone ( no need to Computer )

-       Contain an internal management software

-       Useful range of 350 meter in outdoor

-       Ability of sending file o 14 to 56 simultaneously

-       Low power consumption

-       Remote control and management via LAN

-       Small size and low weight and portable

-       3GB of Internal memory

-       Powerful processor for processing information

-       Ability to send file depends on operating system of the device

-       Online reporting

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Bronze Package:


Performance of this model is high due to considering of its price, and it’s able to work unceasing.
This model needs to computer to work and it uses of the computer’s memory. Useful range of this model is 250 meter in outdoor

This model is Bronze 100M and provide with powerful software

This model is designed for Win XP OS and higher and is easy to install


Specification of bronze:

-       Ability to send in radius of 250 meter in outdoor

-       Ability to send file depends on operating system of the device

-       Contains powerful software for system and files management for windows XP , 7 and 8

-       Ability to send file to 7 devices simultaneously

-       No need to extra power supply

-       Ability to connect to computer via USB

-       Ability to nonstop working

-       Ability to send any kind of files with any size

-       Unlimited sending

-       Small and good appearance

-       Resistant metal body

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1.       If you have Bluetooth dongle and looking for a powerful software to send adverting files, we offer you bluesmart software. In addition which this software has considerable abilities, it is able to recognize model of device and operating system.

2.       You pay low cost and you have powerful Bluetooth advertising software which is able to work with any plug and play Bluetooth dongle.


Specification of software:

-       Ability to support all plug and play dongles

-       Installable on windows XP , vista , 7 and 8

-       Unlimited installation

-       Support of calls 1 and 2 Bluetooth dongle

-       Ability to send file depends on operating system of the device

-       Unlimited sending

-       Easy environment to work

-       Multiple language ( English – Russian – Azeri – Arabic – Persian )

-       Pay once and work for ever

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