1. Where are the applications of blue smart system? ( in what places we can use of blue smart? )

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2. What kinds and models the blue smart contain?

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3.  How much meter is the blue smart range?

It is between 10 to 1200 meters.
Bronze 10m: range is between 10 to 30 meters in Open Area
Bronze 100m: range is between 100 to 200 meters in Open Area
Silver: range is between 100 to 200 meters in Open Area
Gold: range is between 500 to 1200 meters in Open Area

4. What are the effective factors in the range of blue smart?

The range of the system is between 10 to 1200 meters in wide environment, but there is no special formula for calculating the range of the system in closed environment, because the factors such as the space of the rooms, the kinds of construction materials and alloy, the walls thickness and also the noisy and not crowded of installed place and other factors, effect to range of the system.

5. Does the blue smart waves is harmful for health?

The blue smart waves are not harmful for health by no means, because, firstly it is containing very low power, and also approved by international authorities from the good health.

6. How I can buy the blue smart?

You can by the refer to buy order page .

7. What is the different between the silver and bronze models?

In the bronze system you need to the Computer for starting the system, but in the silver system, you don’t need to computer or any lateral equipment and the system operation is completely independent of computer.

8. What is the gold system?

The gold is the unique production of ADYCO Company that has produced and designed by the experts of the company, its range is between 500 to 1200 meters.
One of the possibilities of gold system is to be network in the unlimited.
It means you can network unlimited systems together and covering the large area and also you can control the systems from far.

9. Do we can install the blue smart out of office?

Yes. All of the blue smart systems have designed in a way which you can install them out of office or home in the wide environment easily.

10. What kind of files can be send via blue smart?

Approximately, every kind of files such as, txt, gif, jpg, mp3, 3gp and etc.

11. What kind of mobiles can be support by blue smart?

More than 1200 models, most of the mobile phones.

12. How much is the speed of information transfer in the blue smart?

The speed of the sending information is 3mb/s that is a high speed, but it is mentionable that in the sending information via Bluetooth, the receiving speed of the mobile phone is important and usually is between 10 to50 kb/s
It means if you send 1000kB file to the mobile phone with 50kb speed, the maximum estimated time of sending will be 20 second.

13. What are the abilities of blue smart system?
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14. How much is the maximum capacity of file that we can send via blue smart?

You can send files with unlimited and high capacity, but pay attention that capacity of the mobile phones are limit and low.

15. Do we can limit the sending information in blue smart?

Yes. The blue smart system has ability so you can send information to special persons, it means you can send special information and advertisements to the persons that need to them.

16. Do we should pay other cost except the blue smart price?

No. you don’t pay cost in any process of time except the price of blue smart.
You’ll be able to have free informing, training and advertising many long years.

17. How many mobiles, the blue smart can send information in a moment?

It is related to the order of customers. The bronze systems are able to service 7 persons. The silver systems are able to service 28 persons; this number can be increased to 112 persons in a second that is a high number.

18. Does it need to skill and training for installing the blue smart?

No. in the designing and producing the blue smart, we have tried to make it easy for installing and starting the system. It doesn’t need to additional skill and expert knowledge.

24. How we can enter the information to the blue smart?
There is 2 ways for entering the information:
B. via Flash memory
C : via Mouse & Keyboard

19. Do I can control or observe the operation of blue smart?

 Yes. The silver systems have ability that you can observe and controlling the operation of the system via network and internet.

20. What equipments we need for starting the blue smart system?

For starting the bronze system we need to one computer with Windows XP-SP2, but for starting the silver and gold systems we don’t need to computer or other things, the operation of the systems are completely independent of computer.

21. What is the apparent form and general details of blue smart system?

22. Does it needs to special program for sending information from mobile to bluesmart?

No. it is able with simple software of the mobile phones, for example: note software in the mobile.

23. What kind of mobiles can receive the information from blue smart?

Most of the mobile phones that have Bluetooth.

24. Does it need to password for establishing relation with mobiles?

No. for establishing the double-edged connection with the system, there is no need to password.

25. In what operating system the bluesmart  Bronze  work?

Operating system of Windows XP SP2 or later .

26. Do I can prepare the report from the list of presented services and the files which have been sent?

Via blue smart software, you can prepare the comprehensive report from the information that has been sent.

27. Does it have ability of hack the blue smart system?

Nothing is impossible in computer, but we have used of the firewall that avoiding of this and including the extra high security.

29. What is the meaning of Magic Reminder?

The blue smart system contain the special service that able you to have an incessantly informing and advertising without of the time and place limitation.

30. What is the purpose of V-CARD?

 It means the business card.

31. What is the meaning of Black list?

This is an ability to help you which avoid of sending the information to special persons.

32. How I can use the after selling services of blue smart?

After buying the blue smart and become a member in the special forum inside the web-site, you can make a free use of the other versions of blue smart software. If you need to hardware supporting, the ADYCO Company will support you until one year.

.33. How much time the blue smart can work in any Day and Night?

There is no time limitation for blue smart system; it can work without needs to shouting down.

34. How many antenna the blue smart contain?

It is different and related to the kinds of the system and presented services.


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